The SPRINGTEAM has been created to allow its members to earn crypto residual incomes with no need to sponsor. 

Members who will decide to join, will just have to follow a very simple strategy. 

It is a 3 in 1 program.

3 cryptos are accepted for payments & withdrawals : ETN (electroneum), XLM (stellar) & BTC (bitcoin).

At the end of this page, you'll find a limited offer to join our team at 0 cost  (we do not know how long it will last, so be quick !).

You first need to have an Electroneum wallet. If you do not have an account yet, download the appli on your smartphone & enter the sponsor code B989B4 or scan the QR code below. If you decide to mine ETN (your data will not be used & it's free), you'll get 10 % more. You'll just have to relaunch it once a week.

Ask for the pdf that will explain you how to create your account (


The 3 programs will provide to every upgraded member banners & tex ads credits.

1) The Feeder program

It's a 4 x 2 matrix & the only purpose of this program is to feed the 2nd one.

The crypto used is ETN. You can follow the exchange rate on coinmarketcap.

Price of the position is 95 ETN. You'll find the detail of the matrix below. When the matrix is full, you'll get 4 new positions placed under your sponsor (380 ETN) & a position in the ETNADS matrix (1,000 ETN)


It's a 2 x 10 matrix. Details below. Price of the position : 1,000 ETN.


Same matrix as the previous one but the crypto is BTC. Price of the position : $10

Generous matching bonus for ETNADS & BTC-ETNADS :

20% of the matrix earnings on 5 levels :

- 30,000 ETN/referral (ETN matrix)
- $300/referral (BTC matrix)

Here below you'll see how much the matching bonus will make you earn per position, following our strategy :

ETN matrix

BTC matrix 

Can you imagine how much it will be if you have 5, 10,..., positions ?


Very Important : everybody is joining with the same link & Isabelle, the admin, will place the members in the matrix once she has received the payments, to avoid any holes in the matrix.

Multiple accounts allowed . We can use the same email address for each account but we need to have a different username (add "1", "2", "3",... at the end of the original username)

4 possibilities to join our team :

1) get one position in each matrix (about $15/16)
2) 1 feeder + 1 etnads positions (about $6)
3) 1 feeder + 1 bitcoin positions (about $11)
4) 4 feeder positions (about $3)

You can use ETN, XLM & BTC to make your payment. If you have the amount in ETN & BTC that's no problem for you. Just fund your accounts. If you don't have, send me a message & I'll explain to you how to proceed

Each team member will received per position owned :

- 4 referrals for the feeder program
- 2 referrals for the 2 other programs

Each member will be placed in the order the admin will receive payments (time stamped)

Mandatory : the first 1,000 ETN earned & the first $10 earned should be used to open a new account & take a new position (there's a transfer function) & repeat the process for each position.

Using this strategy the total earnings per matrix,  including  matching bonus on 5 levels, will be about $2,000,00 ETN &about $20,000 for the BTC matrix.

Matching bonus received per position using the strategy :  

-  ETN matrix : 62 x 30 000 ETN = 1 860 000 ETN
-  BTC matrix : 62 x 300 $ 18 600 $

Every team member should add "sp" at the end of his usernames i.e for me : balomosi-sp ; balomosi1-sp ; balomosi2-sp ;......

When you join & want to make the payment, just fund your account. DO NOT UPGRADE. The admin will do it manually only once the payment is received. All team members that upgrade by themselves, WILL NOT GET REFERRALS.

Once you've joined, just send me a message ( with your username & the chosen package : 1, 2, 3 or 4. I'll explain you how to fund your account (if you haven't done so) & 'll contact the admin to ask her to look after your payment & to upgrade you.

NB : Each team member must have at least one 1 position in each matrix ie if you join with only the feeder &/or ETN matrix, you should you use 2,000 to 2,500 ETN from your earnings to buy a BTC position


Feeder matrix : 

ETN matrix :

BTC matrix :

Here below, you'll find 2 more sites to get free ETN :

1) PayingAds

It's a surf program. Add your site & surf (just open a new tab & forget it) to get minutes to have your site shown & to earn ENT. Withdrawals allowed when your balance reaches 100 ETN

2) Free ETN Central :

You can activate 3 drawing tickets a day to have a chance to earn free ETN (just click on the Blue, Orange & Red box with the ETN symbol.
There's also a forum where you can post
Withdrawals allowed when your balance reaches 100 ETN


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